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Our Faith

WE BELIEVE…………………….

In GOD, and that HE created this world, that He created us; and that HE has promised a better future.

In Jesus, that he is GOD’s son, that he died as a sacrifice, that he rose to life, that he is alive today and that he will return to this earth.

In the Bible, that it is GOD’s message to us, a record of what HE has done in the past, and a promise of what he will do in the future.

That we need to respond to GOD by faith, baptism and trying to follow the example of Jesus; in order to have a part in the future GOD has planned.

That GOD’s planned future includes Jesus returning to the world, to rule, and to make this earth a better place to live. A future which will see the end of pain, suffering, and finally – death.