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For more Information about who the Christadelphians are and a variety of online courses looking at various subjects within the Bible please go to the Bible Education site www.bibleed.com

Sound Bites:

Gods Invitiation to you

Talk duration : 29 Minutes, File size : 3.3MB

What is God offering to each of us ? The meanings of two of Jesus' parables are considered. Looking at why we manage find excuses not to follow God even though the promised reward is so great.


Our Discipleship

Talk duration : 36 Minutes, File size : 4.1MB

Trying to live our lives as a disciple of Jesus can at times appear to be all effort and no gain. This talk looks at the personal cost of striving to live the way Jesus teaches us and, just as importantly, the potential cost of deciding to not follow Jesus.


A religion that makes sense

Talk duration: 92 seconds

Are we here by chance ?

Size : 123 Seconds / 363kB


Introducing the Bible

Size : 97 Seconds / 256kB

It's never too late

Size : 158 Seconds / 465kB